HOW TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EYE by Dr. Ukandu Rightway S. OD, MSPH(in view), MNOA.

HOW TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EYE by Dr. Ukandu Rightway S. OD, MSPH(in view), MNOA.

 “The eye is the mirror of the soul” has been quoted through generations and it is as true as it is said. The eye is a vital organ and should be looked after. So many systemic health conditions like Daibetes Mellitus and Hypertension can be detected through the eyes with the help of an expert. The eye has many astonishing details, from having the fastest contracting muscles in the human body, having over a million nerve ends at the optic nerve to your iris (the colored part of your eye) having about 256 unique characteristics than a fingerprint that has  just 40. The eye is very complex, almost as complex than the human brain. There are many ways to have healthy eyes.

 These are simple tips to follow if you want to keep and eye on your eyes;


To be absolutely sure of healthy eyes, Start your day by drinking water. Consumption of water in place of flavoured drinks goes a long way to detox and supply much needed hydration for the body. Since the eye contains fluids that keep it working and healthy, water intake supports healthy eyes.  At the least 2 litres a day is a healthy range of consumption of water.

For those who use Make-up and Contact lenses

Wearing contact lenses (Medicated or cosmetic) will definitely bring out the beauty in one’s eyes. A touch of up makeup would do good to the face but it should be noted that the contamination of make-up materials or the contact lens can be very dangerous. Bacterial infections are often gotten from makeup or contact lens or worse corneal injury. So a lot of care should be given in the use of eye related accessories and facial polishes. Seeing an Optometrist once you notice redness or irritation of your eyes helps alleviate any danger it might pose to you.


Nutrition is absolutely important for a healthy eyes. Eating carrots, sweet potatoes, Kale, squash and spinach (EFO RIRO) for Vitamin A, Citrus fruits and Guavas for Vitamin C will definitely fill in for some essential needs of the eyes. Edible greens and supplements containing Zeaxanthin and Lutein have shown to support eye health tremendously and it is encouraged especially with ageing.

Eye hygiene and Eye exercises

1. Rubbing your palms until they are warm and placing them on your eyes does a deal of relaxing the eyes.

2. Rinse your eyes thoroughly after removing make-up with a remover and dry with a soft towel.

3. Rub the eyelids with a piece of ice and follow up immediately with a soft towel dipped in warm water, pat the eyelids gently with it and repeat the hot-cold compress procedure a few times, giving your eye a much needed  sparkly and refreshing outlook.

4. Always remember sunglasses, Bluecoated lenses, Antireflective lenses or tinted glasses, as-they protect the eyes from the glare of sunlight and usually does more for cooperate life because of the inevitable use if computer and phone montior screens. These type of coated lens are used with or without prescription and helps you avoid damage to the eye over time. It also helps reduce one’s chances of having dry eye.

5. Also, Try irrigating your eyes by  Keeping them open and dip into an eye bowl filled

with clean water (boiled and allowed to cool), this dipping should last less than 5 seconds.

Your Optometrist

Eye health is largely ignored but disability from health holds the world at a disadvantage with economic losses of up-to 410.7 billion dollars annually. We all need healthy eye and the eyes definitely says the first words when you meet people in a lot of ways, so it will do one  a great deal to keep it as healthy as possible. Always make out time to see your Optometrist.

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